Dubstep Drops in the Sound Garden

Dubstep is a genre of music that started in South London in the United Kingdom. It is usually considered to draw influence from other UK genres such as drum and bass, jungle, UK garage and grime music. It is notable for its heavy use of sub bass.  From Skrillex to Rusko, and from Synkro to Nero, its all here in the Sound Garden.

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House Music Blooms in the Sound Garden

House music began during the early 1980s from disco and the black American soul music tradition. It takes its name from the Warehouse, a Chicago club where DJs first played their records to a large audience. From Frankie Knuckles to Deadmau5, we'll hit all the right house harmonics in the Sound Garden.

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Hip Hop Lives in the Sound Garden

Hip hop is a type of music that started in the 1970s in Jamaican-American, African-American, and Latino-American communities in big cities of the United States.  Hip hop music also uses musical styles from pop music such as disco and reggae.  We've got all the hottest Hip Hop and R&B tunes here inside the Sound Garden.

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Top 40 Rocks in the Sound Garden

Our killer Top 40 channel counts down all of your favourite tunes!  Top 40 became the dominant radio format of the 1970s, and 1980's and still rocks here in the Sound Garden.

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Hip Hop
Top 40

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Richard Silas

Richard Silas (born July 25th), in Toronto, Canada comes from a very multinational background with Middle Eastern, European and Asian roots. This DJ/Music Producer has been buzzing the Toronto club scene over the past several years, playing and occupying residencies at the cities prime locations. Playing shows in, around and out of town at venues such as, Sound Academy (Formerly The Docks Night Club), The Guvernment Night Club, Circa, Liberty Grande, Maison Mercer, Cobra, Dolce, The Mod Club, The Social, Hotel Night Club, Century Room, Brassaii, Ultra, Tryst, The Roosevelt Room, Ministry, Lobby, Bloke & 4th, Fly Night Club, Cameo, and Wish (based in Cleveland, Ohio) to name a few. Since playing his first show in 2001 Richard has enriched his reputation and established an imminent route to furthering his musical career.

More recently, Richard has received overwhelming invitations to perform at prestigious events such as, The Virgin Music Festival, DefMix 20 Year Anniversary Party, World Electronic Music Festival, Summer Music Conference, Toronto Film Festival, and The Grey Cup Closing Party. As well, Richard has found himself sharing the stage alongside some of the most successful and prominent international talents including Paul Van Dyke, Roger Sanchez, Satoshie Tomiie, Moby, Hector Romero, David Morales, Deadmau5, Lee Burridge, Sebastien, Brad Copeland, Danny Torrence, Switch, Flosstradamus, Yinon Yahel and more.

  In 2011 Richard released his first four singles “Boogie Nights” - Attary Records (Columbia), “Don’t Stop” & “Get Down” - South Records (Panama), and “Hedonic Needs” - Shabulized Records (Germany). With more production on the way, such as “Every Time” releasing with Undergroovy Productions (France) early 2012, Richard is excited for things to come and gearing up for a big year.

Bookings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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