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'Dubstep' Elderly people react to Skrillex song: 'Don't be like Donald Trump'

Friday morning has people on the internet sharing a new video "Elders react to (Skrillex)." In what perhaps is the best advice ever, one man told Skrillex to "enjoy it [hair] while you have and when it's gone, trim it up a bit . . . so that you don't' look like Donald Trump. Comparing the music to Justin Bieber seems unfair -but the study group managed to do just that. The group of elders seemed confused as to what dubstep style is, "Emo could apply to this movie."

Over a half a million people have viewed this video, destining it to become viral. Watching the faces of the people as they watch the video is hilarious. The people are asked various questions: what the music is, can they make some of these sounds, and will you dance to the song.

An early reaction by women caused laughter, "Pedophilia alert." The reactions to the video include: "It scares me... violence," and "that was really strange," or "I like it." One person stated, "It is probably better if stoned." Is this music really "heavy metal gone awry?"

One person said "I would rather have my grand kids listen to this than Justin Bieber or Britney Spears." The reaction was surprising given the facial expressions during the video playback. There are additional reaction videos, watch teens react on the teen's react video. The study group might have been surprised if they had heard the Beatles song, "Eleanor Rigby" dubstep style.

This video is definitely worth watching. If you are confused as to what Dubstep is - let this video enlighten you. The viral video charts will be smoking today as shares are rising quickly. Skillex is causing waves on the internet and getting a reaction to his music. We would love to hear what Donald Trump or Justin Bieber think of the - "music."